Digestive Disease Week 2023


Tele-GI for Capsule Endoscopy – Building an Accessible GI Diagnostic Infrastructure

Thank you for meeting GI Digital at 2023 Digestive Disease Week in Chicago and see Tele-GI in action

GI Digital offers scalable solutions for Capsule Endoscopy. Follow up on a successful DDW 2023

  • Discuss our international experience of >7,000 tests delivered as a managed service
  • Learn about our software to improve capsule reading with AI
  • See how we safely, securely, and reliably deliver at the home of the patient

Our Booth

It was great to showcase at our booth

Products to See

Tele-GI Capsule Endoscopy Managed Service – CEmas™

Order a test for your patient and receive a high-quality, timely report back. We take care of the rest.

Customizable to your requirements

Tele-GI SmartBox™ Home

Safely and securely provide access to GI diagnostics to your patients from the comfort of their home.

Available for all major capsule types

Tele-GI PEARL™ Workflow Management

Schedule capsule reads, securely transfer capsule videos, participate in or manage a reader pool to remote read any capsule type

Tele-GI SmartBox™ Hub

Set up capsule endoscopy delivery in any space – the outpatient room or the rural health clinic. Everything you need for GI diagnostics in one box

Tele-GI AiSPEED® AI-Enabled CE Analysis

Use AI to more efficiently and with higher accuracy analyze capsule videos

Tele-GI International

Build local, regional, national, or even international Tele-GI infrastructures. GI Digital and its group companies are in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Meet our Team

Hagen Wenzek, CEO

Dr. Wenzek (Phd) leads GI Digital as its Chief Executive Officer. He is also a co-founder to GI Digital’s sister company CorporateHealth International that operates in Europe.

Gregory Tashima, CTO

Greg Tashima drives new technology development and is the creator of Tele-GI PEARL, the first telehealth workflow management system for capsule endoscopy bourne out of trail blazing tele-radiology solutions.

Arndt O. Welsch-Lehmann, CFO

Arndt Welsch-Lehmann manages financials, HR, legal, and investor relationships at GI DIgital. As an experienced financial professional himself he is the contact for new investments and business model innovation.

John Lyon, BDE

John Lyon develops GI Digital’s new business. As a seasoned MedTech executive he understands and guides the value that GI Digital can bring to customers, policy makers, investors, and patients.

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